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The Core Elements.

Break Boundaries.

The brand doesn't want to stick to the status quo. Instead it wants to climb a mountain and shatter into a million pieces.

Team Spirit.

The brand encaptures the teams that play in the tournament. Bringing each of their different energies into a central hub to boost into.

Be Energetic.

The brand wants to jump off the page, be expressive and build momentum. When you see the brand you get an adrenaline kick.

The Challenge.

Rocket League created in 2015 by Psyonix, is the world's most exciting esports game. Bringing millions of fans worldwide to see the best of the best compete in tournaments globally.

In collaboration with the game's developer Psyonix, RL Oceania wanted to reimagine how Oceania's path to pro tournament was experienced visually. Bringing the light onto each team while keeping the excitement and energy that encaptures Rocket League Esports.

Designing the heart.

The core of the design brings together sharp and minimalistic edges to bring momentum into the brands identity.

Throughout the creation of this brand, we strived to be simple. Not overcomplicating the viewer's minds with the traditional sports design style. Instead, using minimalism and white space. Creating environments within the designs themselves to make the viewer feel immersed.

Bringing the ENERGY.

Along with the branding of the RLO Masters, we also created hype trailers for each season's  Monthly Final and to announce the new brand to the world.

"Liam has never failed to impress me with his creative mind and incredible work ethic. Always showing enthusiasm for his work, he has always delivered when we needed him to." - Ben O'Connor (RL Oceania)

Creating unique experiences.

With 16 teams competing in the main division we wanted to bring each teams unique styles into the branding, helping the audience identify their favourite teams but also to give the brand a more dynamic look and feel.


RL Oceania holds no rights to Rocket League. All material referring to Rocket League belongs to Psyonix, Inc. RL Oceania also holds no rights to various organisation logos and material.

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Ben O'Connor - Director

Liam James - Creative Director

Joshua Rickwood - Event Director

Jayden Butler - Operations Manager


Ian Nowakowski - Esports Manager, Comms

Murty Shah - Esports Manager, Ops

Jake Friedman - Esports, Ops

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