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All material referring to Rocket League belongs to Psyonix, Inc.

Spice Media Ltd also holds no rights to various organisation logos and material.

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Ben O'Connor - Product Manager

Liam James - Creative Director

Joshua Rickwood - Tournament Lead


Jordan Federici - Videographer


Brendan Hill - Producer

Laura Scott - Technical Director

Ben Green - Live LAN Product Lead

Kebrasca King - King Creative Media

Amber King - King Creative Media

Ashleigh Kingston - Marketing Manager



This is how we dared to defy expectations and bought the JBL brand to life through esports.


JBL creates the amazing sound that shapes life’s most epic moments. From iconic events like Woodstock and concerts at Madison Square Garden, to games at Yankee Stadium and weekend road trips, JBL elevates listeners’ experiences with award-winning audio that lets them make the most of every moment.

JBL wanted to launch into the gaming sphere focusing on interactive events and connecting to gamers worldwide through authentic partnerships. The JBL Quantum Grand Slam is the culmination of partners from around the world working collectively, boosting to victory through the most exciting esport ever created... Rocket League!

From the very start of the process, RL Oceania trusted us to work with both RLO JBL's core global brand identity.


By having the JBL Horn integrated into a unique optical 3D illusion that speaks true to how JBL brings excitement to the world through audio. Pairing that with their electric orange, mixed perfectly with the identity that Rocket League holds to create contrast between each team and assets.

Creating a sub-identity that speaks true to the global brand but also to the history and community was the first step, next was creating an entire broadcast package that feels unique, dynamic and fresh to the esports landscape.

Pairing that with 3D animations created in-house using Unreal Engine 5 and edited with Final Cut Pro / Apple Motion, filled content to the brim to maximise the viewer's experience and watch time through-out the broadcast.


The way we view video is constantly evolving, and shaping the new landscape is vertical video.

A key solution towards the marketing strategy was to elevate our reachability to the masses and what better way to do that than through new medium's. The JBL Quantum Grand Slam reached a new height of visibility through competing teams and official channels. Leading new ways of connecting the bridge from Company to Consumers like never before.

The JBL Quantum Grand Slam - Melbourne 2022 show's how Spice Media elevates any live event around the world, always bringing that new fire!

Cant wait to see you next year ;).

With many internal moving parts to this project in Melbourne, we knew that it would be difficult for competing teams and the press to access curated content and photos throughout the event.


To solve this challenge, we created an online media centre dedicated to updating content and sending high quality images to the people that need it in real-time!

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